Data Analysis / Statistics & Data Science

Explore, Reproduce and Share with R

The more I use R, the more impressed I am with it as a tool to explore, document and share your work.


GGPLOT is perhaps the most user-friendly plotting tool out there, while still being suitably flexible and expressive. The addition of GGPLOT to Python is a great step forwards for Python users.

Plotting in R is easily extensible with Google APIs, interactive visualisations with APIs to javascript libraries and so much more. Plots are embeddable in documents, websites, applications… The variety and ease of use is exceptional.


R Markdown is a sensational tool for documenting your work, sharing your research process with others and reproducing regular workflows. I am looking forward to getting familiar with IPython notebooks too. On the same theme, try out Slidify or RPresenter for producing integrated HTML5 presentations.


And then there is Shiny, which is probably my favourite tool for sharing work at the moment. Shiny allows you to build light-weight, fully-featured webapps in next to no time. HEre is an example: Relaxation of Tw, which took less than an hour to put together and publish to ShinyApps. It might be simple, but it is a full HTML5 application. If you want, you can edit the HTML, embed javascript and scripts, include your own images and so much more. What I like most, is that it is extremely easy to use and share anywhere.


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