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Responsive Web Design

The days of single-device applications are long gone. The current generation of applications must support multiple devices, screen sizes, resolutions, operating systems… the list goes on. To design responsive applications is no longer a professional courtesy – it is a must have. With all the data entry methods complete, I will begin to design the layout and style of the application using responsive methods and techniques.


I am brand new to the .NET world, and also to the world of web programming. I won’t even pretend to be “vaguely familiar” with these disciplines, having only done one web-design paper while studying. But the DBA skills I am honing at work are only one element of the toolset I am aiming to develop, which includes data-centric programming and effective data visualisation. For this project, I have chosen to use a web-app to display the data – and in the interests of making the experience fluid and seamless, it will use responsive techniques to mold the layout to the screen.

Below is a list of references that I will be using to implement a responsive application. (These all come in at the top of a Google search, but this way I won’t be loosing these references.)

About Responsive Design

  1. Responsive Web Design: What It Is And How To Use It. Kayla Knight (2011). This is a great conceptual overview of responsive design, with some simple and clear examples to illustrate the points being made.


  1. 30 Useful Responsive Web Design Tutorials. Aritra Roy.
  2. Responsive Web Design Guidelines and Tutorials. The Smashing Editorial (2012).
  3. Responsive Design in 3 Steps. Nick La (2011) . The real basics – but with a nice clear example of a super-simple layout. This could be my first “exampleProject” with responsive design.
  4. Responsive Web Design Tutorial and Explanation. LearnWebCode (2013). A video of the basics, if you like videos.



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