Data Analysis / Interactive Web Data

Interactive Data Analysis

I have a new project – interactive data analysis. There are all sort of different tools out there to help with this. In the areas that I am interested in, R (alongside Javascript) and Python (alongside Matplot) are two of the most popular tools around. However, I am working on a new project – which is for my partner.

My partner is most definitely not a “techie” and she is incredibly creative, these two qualities are going to drive the development of this project which needs to be familiar in appearance, highly visual and exciting. A web-app best suits this project. I will be working on a dynamic, interactive and visually exciting web-app.

This is exciting, as it combines my passions for data analysis and SQL Server and throws it right into the world of sexy-data (data visualisation)! The final project will be a dynamic, responsive web application built with C# and javascript to provide accessible and appealing data visualisation. I have found an online book, Interactive Data Visualization for the Web. The book looks very practical, and clearly presented. So much so, that I have splurged for the hard copy.

This is an exciting project for me; exciting enough to get its own blog page. Looking forward to this.


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