SQL Server DBA / SQLServer_ExamProgress

Microsoft MCSE Exam 70:462 Phase 1 Progress

I have been preparing for my first MCSE exam, Administering SQL Server 2012. My study plan has been divided into two phases:

PHASE 1: (planned completion date: end Jan 2014)

  • Installation and Configuration of SQL Server 2012
  • Maintaining Instances and Databases
  • Management of Data

PHASE 2: (planned start: Feb 2014)

  • Optimise and Troubleshoot
  • Implement Security
  • Implement high Availability and Disaster Recovery

The planned completion date for phase 1 is approaching, and I have been going over the practice exams.The latest results are shown below:


Progress with the phase 1 subject areas has been coming along steadily. I have had the luxury of time to grow slowly familiar with the subject areas and let details fall into place.

Looking ahead to Phase 2
There has been a fair amount of cross-over with the high availability area, especially in regards to mirroring and replication. I am targeting replication, mirroring and AlwaysOn availability groups to kick off the next phase.


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