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Update on EXAM 70:462 Progress

Working towards Exam 70:462 Administering SQL Server 2012, focusing on the Installation, Configuration and Maintanence of SQL Server 2012, as well as Managing Data. Re-sat a practice test today, my results are below:


Progress Tracking
This is good progress this month. SQL Server encompasses a huge suite of tools, and a lot of the battle has been simply trying to understand how these various services and packages play together (I am continuing to work on a blog post on this). The great thing about the practice tests, is that they really highlight the areas where there are gapping holes in my basic knowledge / understanding.

My goal is to try to nail these three sections by the end of Jan, working towards the last three by mid March, giving me about a month before sitting.

Exam 70:461 is at a bit of a stand still. Need to spend some time there as well.


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