Project 702

Great Poster Evening!

What a fantastic Poster Evening last night! It was so good to see everyone’s work and to talk to a whole lot of very different people. I had a long chat with Annette and James from CoreTT, both of whom are really really interesting people with incredible jobs. For me, the best part of that discussion was that when I went away and thought about it, it really solidified my motivations for wanting to be a DBA and clarified what it is I want to learn through that process and take forwards with me into the future.

If you know me even a little, you will know I like numbers! I have a long-term vision to be involved in data analysis, more than likely at an application-level. The interface between data and information is exciting, fascinating and immensely challenging. I have just been reading a couple of postings about data science, and the need for practical-oriented science (An ambitious experiment in data science, The big data brain drain) that are well worth a read.

But back to poster evening. Great fun! Some amazing posters, and some really really great projects (I really liked Josh’s!).


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