Project 702 / Project Challenges

Connection Python to SQL Server

This afternoon I went down to SQL Services and met the General Manager, two of their great developers and their DBA manager. They have agreed to provide me some desk space and advice as I work on my project, which is absolutely brilliant! I can’t see the benefit to them in this, but from my perspective it is an incredible chance to bounce ideas of professionals, get some industry-level feedback and advice, and just observe the life of a DBA team. Fantastic.

To get the most out of this experience, I will have to connect the Data Analysis classes with SQL Server. I am hoping that this will be as simple as downloading a suitable API and using this in place on the python-MySQL API. Choosing an API that is consistent with python-MySQL will be the key here. This article describes some of the available connection APIs, and it looks like pyODBC will be a good place to start.

In follow up posts I will compare the use of python-MySQL with pyODBC.


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