A healthy dose of humble pie

If you’re a student and you haven’t seen this article on linkedin, then perhaps you should check it out. This is a giant shopping list of the skills lacking in “new hires”, and it is a fantastic read. Throughout the wish-list is a good mix of technical and personal qualities.

There were a few that really jumped out at me as things to keep in mind. For me, the top 10 were:

  • # 10 “Knowing how to solve technical and scientific problems using computers. This entails working with the whole package from deciding what the problem is, how to solve it, how to use math and algorithms, and then getting results that can be checked.” This is a big step up from ‘doing an assignment’.
  • # 9 “Problem: Reading other people’s code and translate science to code and code to science”
  • # 8 “Problem: Don’t understand concurrent coding/processing.” This goes on my wish list!
  • # 7 “Problem: Don’t/can’t use tools and IDEs. Using more than one editor, and more than one IDE.” I know I am lacking here. I use VI on a daily basis, but I am not harnessing its power as an IDE, I might as well be using notepad.
  • # 6 “Problem: Don’t know how to do development, source code control, test.” SVN / GitHub are now moving up my list of things to learn
  • # 5 “Problem: There’s more to development than coding”
  • # 4 “following a coding convention”
  • # 3 “know how to document their code”
  • # 2 “know how to talk to other developers respectfully”

And the # 1 standout…

“Prove to them they’re just starting to learn”


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