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Installing MongoDB on Fedora 19

I am working through Professional NoSQL, which is a great introduction to the NoSQL universe. However, I ran into an error installing MongoDB – below is the error and how I installed it successfully.

Installing MongoDB via
I followed the Quickstart Guide and MongoDB downloaded and seemed to install perfectly fine. However, I wasn’t able to start the mongodb server, I the following error:

~$ service mongod start
Unit mongod.service not loaded.


Installing MongoDB via Fedora Repo
It turns out that Fedora have their own repo for mongodb, which installs and starts right out of the box:

~$ sudo yum autoremove mongo*
~$ sudo yum --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=fedora,updates install mongodb mongodb-server
~$ systemctl start mongod.service

and confirm that the mongo server is running:
~$ mongo

It was that easy! Thank you Fedora 🙂


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