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Speeding up computation in Python

Previously, I posted about the enormous performance gain when using NumPy for repeated calculations – especially when the calculations are repeated within a for loop. There is a great blog here that profiles the benefits of native Python vs. Numpy vs. Cython. Really good read. And similarly, an experiment here that compares Python, NumPy, Fortran … Continue reading

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Optimising UTCI Algorithm in Python

The UTCI algorithm (in Python) is shown below: and is equivalent to the polynomial for calculating UTCI. In a previous post I profiled the running time of various implementations, and found the the algorithm above was massively faster than the current implementation, but significantly slower than simply evaluating the polynomial. However, in the interests of … Continue reading

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UTCI algorithm

I have been battling with the formula for UTCI. It has such an interesting, regular pattern; I was certain it could be coded into an algorithm more succinctly than coding the full 84-term (1.5 pages worth of page) expression. 22:27, Wednesday August 21st, I have my first (untested) draft of the algorithm: By working term-by-term … Continue reading