Project 702 / Project planning

Climate Chip Project Timeline

The proposal has been drafted, along with the required initial plan. Preparing the proposal, and coming up with time estimations has been a very ‘grounding’ process. It has highlighted the magnitude of work to be done, and going through this process has highlighted the need to identify and manage the scope of this project. Below is the proposed timeline.

Proposed Timeline

Period Task Estimated Hours
July 26th – Aug 2nd, 2013 Project Proposal (draft and submission) 10
Gather problem requirements 5
Aug 2nd – Aug 16th, 2013 Conceptual data model 10
Characterise existing data model 10
Benchmarking test suite developed and existing data model benchmarked 30
MILESTONE # 1 Aug 23rd, 2013 Benchmarks and requirements complete 5
Report: ‘Identify Problem’ drafted 15
Aug 23rd – Sept 13th, 2013 Investigate common storage strategies for geodata 20
Logical Model – normalised data model with appropriate keys identified 10
Comparison of logical model with required data structure for web mapping 10
Sept 16th – Sept 26th, 2013 Research and compare popular the ability of popular RDBMS to handle spatial data 30
MILESTONE # 2 Sept 26th, 2013 Logical “spatial data model” 5
Report: Introduction and ‘Design Phase’ drafted 15
Comparison of popular RDBMS to handle spatial data 5
Sept 26th – Oct 11th, 2013 Physical design of spatial data model with appropriate level of normalisation, indexing and partitioning 30
Oct 11th – Oct 18th 2013 Benchmark physical model against test suite 10
Evaluate benchmark performance against requirements 10
MILESTONE # 3 Nov 2nd, 2013 Final report and evaluation 30
Nov 14th, 2013 Poster Evening 25

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