Project 702

Spatial Database Engines

I was down at the Sprig & Fern’s quiz night on Wednesday night talking to Terry who is a GIS specialist. I got to quiz him a bit about his job and find out what databases they use. The core database is a MySQL instance, but this is a proprietary database managed offsite, that the team has little direct interaction with. The rest of their databases run off SQL Server instances and use SQL Server’s special spatial data engine and spatial data types.

The ability to use geometric and geographic datatypes could be incredibly useful for my project this semester, and I will definitely have to follow up on this. Here are some links to follow up on:

SQL Server
(Spatial Data)
(Working with the Spatial data Engine)

(Article on spatial data types in SQL Server 2008)

(Introduction to MySQL Spatial Support)
(MySQL spatial data types)

Spatial Databases


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