A circle has infinitely many sides

I still haven’t written the post I promised about my proposed project, and I am deliberately holding off. Today, Matthias is happy for me to take this one and gave me the go ahead. There is a this building pressure of excitement and anticipation, and I can focus this all into writing a (hopefully) successful proposal over the next few weeks.

But I am holding back on writing about it. Right now, I am experiencing this exhilarating, chaotic explosion of ideas – it is brilliant. Right now it is a great thing, almost organically complex. And I have the luxury of having a little space and time now to embrace this – it won’t be truly chaotic until I start trying to impose some order on these thoughts.

I am trying incredibly hard to avoid any ideas about WHAT I might do, or HOW I might do it which will severely narrow my perspective. But it is hard to remain so un-biased, or open-minded. John Lubbock was a biologist (well, that is how I have heard of him, turns out this was just one of his interests) and like many influential scientists, Lubbock was as much a philosopher and artist as an analytical scientist. Lubbock summed it up nicely when he said:

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”

My greatest goal at the moment is to explore and not look too closely at any one thing… there are infinitely many sides to this project and who is to say that the current view is the best of them all?


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