Something…, I don’t know?

There is something I don’t know
That I am supposed to know.
I don’t know what it is I don’t know,
And yet am supposed to know,
And I feel I look stupid
If I seem both not to know
And not to know what it is I don’t know.


This is the beginning of a poem at, and it sums up my current state quite nicely 🙂 My project will be… … … something …, I don’t know? Coming into this year, I suspected that picking a topic for project was going to be one of the biggest challenges I would face. The biggest hurdle is simply not knowing what I don’t know! My world-view of databases is so narrow at this point in time, that it is very difficult to envisage something to really latch onto for project.

I want…

  • something interesting
  • something database-y
  • something challenging, that will provide some real meat to sink my metaphorical teeth into

and… I want to being in earnest. Ha! In this post I will put links to various interesting things I find along the way, hopefully some of these will help to give me some direction. – some really cool stuff here. Though none of it is db-related, still very cool. – this will need some looking into, there seem to be many many many examples here – some actual db-related projects here – this is really interesting. It is a programming exercise, but implementing their own set theory (or relational algebra) operations. This could be really cool. I wonder if I could take something like this and compare it to list comprehensions in Haskell, or SQL itself.


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