Insertion sort and bubble sort

I have got a little sidetracked with this little challenge, and am playing around with sorting algorithms. I still hope this will lead to some cool insight into the challenge, but if not oh well.

The next two sorting algorithms I have tried out are insertion sort and bubble sort:


Bubble sort and insertion sort are both still simple sorting algorithms, with O(n^2) complexity. But I think they are pretty cool all the same. My next challenge be a binary search, which will lead to a quicksort and heap sort algorithm.


One thought on “Insertion sort and bubble sort

  1. Oddly, it took me longer to figure out how to blog this than it did to write the two sorting algorithms. I was playing around with wordpress’ tags, but they ignore indents, so it wasn’t very nice. If anyone know a way to post code with indents, let me know! – thankss


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