SYD… time to get moving!

I have been slack on this assignment! The due date is looming, heavier and darker by the day and I have been spending and unbalanced amount of time on the NET assignment just to keep on track with that 😦 SYD is a real priority subject for me though, so it is now going to the top of my list!

Previously I posted a rich-picture collage from the Australian Open. This collage manages to grasp all the important areas for our SYD project I think and it will sort of be my centering tool. A couple of weeks ago we also did a rich picture in class, which is below:


Key concerns here:

  • budget (there is a financial ceiling; prim count is capped) => we need to monitor and track this!
  • timeframe: 6 months to complete (roll out at the beginning of the next academic year)
  • student hang-out (relaxed, appropriate, casual)
  • flexible uses
  • music!
  • social activities (dance, sport, games…)
  • student support services and information
  • organise their own activities! ???? some real thought here will be necessary (menu of options perhaps?)

Other considerations:

  • information and resources about second life
  • distinct ‘kiwi’ flavour (but include diversity???)
  • second life orientation activities
  • weekly activities with a second life theme (build champs, show and tell, explore second life with a treasure hunt etc…)
  • integration with other social networking tools
  • 2D web presence that advertises the virtual world
  • monitoring and tracking tools (who is visiting, how many, how often, popular activities…) => external db integration

All of this is really straight from the Assignment document. However in my next posting I will begin to think more about these and start to construct a “thought sphere” to guide and frame my thoughts more.

Next post, I will try to group these requirements together into something resembling a project backlog. I will also post about my agile explorations (I found a great video on youtube:


More to come…


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