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Defining a project

Assignment 3, Project Proposal, RES 701, 2013

Defining the Proposed Project

(a work in progress)…blocks_coming_together


Application of Cloud Database Services; trends and considerations for users

Research Question

What current cloud database services are available and who provides the most effective solution at the current time?

Context / Description

Cloud database services is a rapidly growing industry and there are a number of major vendors in the current market place. Notable vendors include Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Amazon Web Services and OpenStack. While the cloud database industry is still relatively young, there is considerable investment being made by these companies to constantly improve their service and out-compete their competition. This project will attempt to characterise the current cloud database environment and accurately describe the strengths and limitations within the industry. Further, we will attempt to explore the various vendors, their strengths and unique selling points and try to accurately map the growth over the last few years with a view to make an informed hypothesis about expected growth in the future. Finally, we will explore the usability of cloud-based relational databases by constructing a test-system to compare the load performance of these four major vendors.

Research Design Plan

proposed ‘experiments’ / comparisons, initial hypothesis

Potential Project Limitations / bottlenecks

Resource Requirements

… (e.g. cost of test-bed with commercial vendors)

Projected Timeline


2 thoughts on “Defining a project

  1. Hi Nick
    This reads like you are under way with defining your project sounds really interesting. A little curious to the change in title from the one Clare discussed in class to the title now. Have you taken a slightly different direction now. ;D Jos


  2. Hey, yeah it is a different approach here. Had a discussion with Todd, and this was floated and it seems like something well worth having a look at. However, I am still thinking that what Clare and I were talking about will be better for project, the idea is still a little to under-developed for me to jump in for this assignment. Will have to let it grow a bit


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