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Transact SQL

design-busting-mistakesI have been cutting my teeth the last couple of weeks of Python’s MySQL API. It has been a lot of fun and now have a reasonably nice couple of OO-scripts that can be used to psuedo-randomly populate our Electric Imp database. By making a direct connection to a MySQL db and using the datatypes class that I defined, it can quickly populate the db with hundreds of rows. It is pretty cool. However, it is still buggy. In particular, there is a whole lot of integrity constraints on the data that need to be built into it.


Yesterday, Todd pointed me towards Transact SQL. This looks like it will do everything my Python script does – better! 😦 So it’s out the window with the python and in with T-SQL. I have busted my rump on that Python script as well 😦 But it is ok – it was all about exploring anyway and this just gives me something else to investigate. explore

Thank goodness for an inquisitive mind (and not much of a life :P)


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