Student Activities

The end of SYD701 is fast approaching. For our final assignment we have to pretend that we have been commissioned by a university Student Association to build a virtual hangout in Second Life. The hangout should enable students to:

  • access the various services offered by their association
  • hang out and chat with friends
  • get involved in social activities such as games, sports, music, videos and dancing
  • hear live music
  • watch streamed live sports events
  • organise their own activities

Overall, the Student Association seems to be after an active, communal destination where people can mingle, engage in activity and access support services all in one.

Off the top of my head, I think something alone the lines of Melbourne Park / Wimbledon / Roland Garros / Flushing Meadows would almost be ideal. A large central DOME, that can be loaded as a sports ground or concert venue upon demand. External common areas with coffeespots, largescreens, parks and service buildings.

Tomorrow we are having a kickoff meeting.  I am playing the part of the student rep. The social aspects will be very important to me! The social groups, activities, social networking / communication. It would be really cool to provide a virtual facility for social groups (i.e. gym, hall, music rooms, information spot, cafe…) and an information HUB to advertise all the cool things happening that week. I really would like a high-energy environment, with plenty of high-impact information in your face!


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