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Out of the Tarpit

I have found a really interesting report, Out of the Tarpit (Moseley, B. Marks, P (2006)). It is based on the premise that the single most important obstacle to software design is complexity. Moseley and Marks identify common causes of complexity and suggested design considerations to reduce it. Finally, they illustrate their arguments by outlining an approach to relational data modelling using a functional programming paradigm.

This looks like a REALLLLLY cool article. And probably ties in well with Claire’s title for my project: Good, better, best: Principles fro optimal database design. However, it is also really long 😦 So expect many more posts to come 🙂

I conclude that there are two ways of constructing a software design: One way is to make it so simple there is obviously no deficiencies and the other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies. The first method is far more difficult. (Anthony R. Hoare)


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