Electric Imp 1st Cut

I have the 1st-Cut:  a database that via the Python script randomly generates thousands upon thousands of rows very quickly. On the surface all is good, but when I dived in a little deeper I realised the data is non-sensical. The good things so far: I have tuples (rows) for each relation Attributes are of … Continue reading


Student Activities

The end of SYD701 is fast approaching. For our final assignment we have to pretend that we have been commissioned by a university Student Association to build a virtual hangout in Second Life. The hangout should enable students to: access the various services offered by their association hang out and chat with friends get involved … Continue reading

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Simplicity is Hard

…by some estimates software problems cost the American economy $59 billion annually (Dijkstra) Out of the Tarpit summary (section 2) In their report, Out of the Tarpit, Moseley and Marks insist that “Complexity is the only significant” difficulty in designing robust software systems. In forming their hypothesis around complexity, Moseley and Marks present a ‘complexity-optimised’ approach to database … Continue reading

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Out of the Tarpit

I have found a really interesting report, Out of the Tarpit (Moseley, B. Marks, P (2006)). It is based on the premise that the single most important obstacle to software design is complexity. Moseley and Marks identify common causes of complexity and suggested design considerations to reduce it. Finally, they illustrate their arguments by outlining an approach … Continue reading