I have an idea…

3dmap2The fourier transform (FT) is well defined, well understood and has many, varied uses. In a plain-speak nutshell, the FT    filters input and can shift the ‘depth’ at which you view the information, a little like zooming in, or zooming out with your camera.

Which leads me to my idea. Ever been watching a movie, or T.V. where some furturistic system displays data as a 3D image which the user is able to move about it? Well, could we actually implement this? Would it be practical? How could you utilise the FT to navigate the 3D map?

Navigation challenge:

  • use FT to navigate the 3D world
  • as you navigate, could you dynamically model relationships?
  • can these relationships be gradiential? i.e. as you move from POINT A to POINT B, can you get the relationship / data  to transition from all A, mixed A/B, all B based on your distance from A / B. Could be a very interesting visual representation of transition (between) states

4 thoughts on “I have an idea…

  1. Oh! and here is a paper from a friend of mine who is looking at visual (3d) representations of ‘big data’ – i.e. huge datasets – he gave a fascinating demo – let me know if you want to know more 🙂


  2. Yes interesting, not sure if its really depth – from memory it transforms to “frequency domain”. I guess you could think of your Virtual World as a set of values representing perhaps your travels and interactions with other things in the VW, these then get transformed to frequency domain, depending on the values you could filter for sharp changes (higher frequency) or perhaps things that change less ( i.e. less frequency haha) , thus selecting the more persistent behaviour?



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