python / refactoring

Code Refactoring, newb to novice to journeyman

( Cruising along my journey of python discovery, I am constantly discovering new tools. At the moment, I am all about recursive functions, and having discovered the itertools module I want to sink my teeth into this as well. We all like new challenges! Sometimes I feel like I am seeing so many new things, it is … Continue reading


Research Genres

(following on from Various Research Techniques) Loosely, I have established three different information types; quantitative, qualitative, unsubstantiated. To recap I have described these as being measurable, observed and weighted opinion respectively. To begin to address the 6 questions we have been given, I am going to define a number of research genres to classify the … Continue reading


Python Adventures

How many wanna-be programmers are in this position: ‘you know the basics, can construct useful, but ultimately uninteresting programs all of your own and you are feeling really good about your progress. You decide it is time to flex your programming muscles, and are out there looking for new projects / challenges. Perhaps you join … Continue reading