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Climate Change & Heat Stress Indicators: Exploring the relaxation of Tw

In this series of posts I am exploring the relaxation of the natural wet bulb temperature (Tw). This is the limiting step in the approximation of heat stress indicator wet bulb global temperature (WBGT), which is widely used to model the effects of temperature upon humans (Bernard and Pourmoghani (1999); Lemke and Kjellstron (2012)). In … Continue reading


Heat Stress Indicators & Climate Change: Exploring the relaxation of Wet Bulb Temperature

Ever since the early 2000s climate change has been big news. John Sutter of CNN (2015) recently quoted Gina McCarthy (Environmental Protection Agency, USA) stating that “climate change is the greatest threat of our time”. The effects of climate change are of huge interest here in New Zealand where we live directly under an expanding … Continue reading